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Arrows are a very important part of your archery equipment that sometimes gets over looked.   "The Barn" has a wide variety of Gold Tip and Easton arrows available so we can make sure that the arrows you choose have the proper spine for your bow and provide you with the performance you're after.  We offer arrows pre-fletched with vanes - so you don't have to wait, but we can also do custom fletching with helical giving you the opportunity to choose your own vanes or feathers, with or without wraps.  For those of you who favor a specific arrow, if we don't have it, we can usually order them and have them delivered to the shop within 24 hours.

If you have children, they are more than welcome to join in on the fun as well!!  As archery becomes more of a family activity, we are trying to accommodate our junior shooters.  We have additional  targets we can use at 10 yards, so our young shooters can  participate  in the leagues as well as the open shooting ranges. 

Indoor Shooting Lanes 

Arrow Cutting / Custom Fletching

 It should come as no surprise that the push for greater arrow speed continues to grow.  Although the bow manufacturers are trying to answer that request, it is often difficult to know what speed your bow is going to go with the arrows you're using. That is why The Barn Archery Pro Shop has a chronograph available, so that you will be able to test the speed of your bow with various arrows and be able to get the best performance from your equipment as possible.  We also have a paper tuner available, so  we can check the flight of your arrows and assist with you with tuning your bow properly. 

Bow Tuning, Bow Maintenance, and General Repair


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About Our Shop

The staff at "The Barn" recognizes the value of good competition, so they often have winter leagues in the evenings starting at 7:00pm.  These leagues vary between the traditional 5 spot target and the Vegas 3 spot target.  You do not have to be a local pro in order to participate, the leagues are handicapped and classed in order to give all of our customers an opportunity to compete head to head.  If you are interested in participating please call or email us for more information!!

Coming soon to Martinsville ...

What We Offer

Chronograph / Paper Tuning

Equipment Rentals and Lessons

Gift Cards and Layaway

At “The Barn,” our staff knows how difficult it is to find a place to shoot and hone in your archery skills that offers you both a comfortable atmosphere and reasonable prices.  Well, rest assured!!  We have 6 indoor shooting lanes available 6 days a week.   These 20 yard lanes use Big Shot targets for smooth faces and easy arrow removal.  Range Fees are $5 for the first hour, and 2.50 for each additional hour.   

Getting started in archery can be a very daunting task if you've never tried it before, let alone if you've never been around someone that shoots a bow.  At "The Barn," we recognize how difficult this beginning stage can be if you don't have a bow of your own, so we are extremely excited to be able to offer a new bow rental program, as well as archery lessons and instruction.  Please ask our staff members for more information.

We all know how difficult it is to find the perfect gift for that special someone and it seems that this process is even more difficult when it involves specialty or sport related items.  But don't stress.  If your special someone is an archery enthusiast or just trying to get started in the compound bow arena, "The Barn Archery Pro Shop" has tried to make things easier on you and your check book.  We have gift certificates available as well as layaway and financing opportunities.  Just ask our staff members for more details.

A pro shop by definition is a place  you can go to talk to knowledgeable people or to purchase quality equipment and have it repaired.  At The Barn Archery Pro Shop that is exactly what you are going to receive.  

"The Barn" was designed by archers for archers.  The owners and staff are both avid bow hunters and competitive target archers.  They have been dedicated to answering your questions and assisting you with your archery needs since 2008!   With our wide range of quality services as well as award winning bows and accessories our staff is ready to help you, whether you are a competitive target shooter, an avid bow hunter, or simply an archery enthusiast.  At The Barn Archery Pro Shop we are confident you'll not only find the things you need to get set-up, but you will also find the support and knowledge to take you to the next level!  

Free Consultations

Archery equipment has changed a lot over the years to become faster and more accurate.  Yet, much like any other sport, in order to achieve your best performance, your equipment has to fit you properly.  Our dedicated staff takes a lot of pride in getting you set up correctly.  We start by speaking with you about what type of equipment you want, what you want to accomplish with it, and what type of price range your looking for.  From there we measure your draw length to make sure that we set you up with a bow that is best suited for your draw length and the poundage you want to pull.  Our goal is to make the bow fit you, not you fit the bow.  Once we have chosen a bow that fits you properly, then we will begin discussing the arrows...we want to make sure that the arrows you have or that you are going to get will allow you to reach your bow's full potential.  We do realize that everyone is not on the market for a new bow and accessories, so we can also discuss your current set up and help you try to reach its top performance as well.  We are more than willing to discuss the benefits and/or negatives of your equipment as well as the newer items on the market.

Even with the best equipment on the market, everyone will need a little maintenance at some point. At The Barn Archery Pro Shop we offer a wide range of services to help you keep your equipment in top notch condition.  We have multiple bow mechanics on hand so we can get your bow tuned and timed; your peep put in, adjusted, or tied in; silencers put in or replaced; or simply to mount your accessories onto your bow.  We also replace cams, strings, limbs, etc. if the need arises.                       


We do custom strings and cables as well! 
Ask an associates for more details.